EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS is a platform initiated by Music in Europe to introduce and present young, outstanding European classical music talents (instrumentalists, vocalists, conductors and composers) and to foster their transnational mobility and their international career.

EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS will be nominated from European festivals, concert halls, concert promotors, orchestras, opera houses, competitions, institutions like academies, music universities and conservatories and selected charitable classical music institutions form the area.

EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS will be established as a European trademark for outstanding rising talents and as a visible commitment to participating music organizations committed to promote young talents.

EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS will be presented in individual portraits on the website, as well as interviews and coverage through newsletter and other publications on the platform.

EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS will assist you in planning and implementing your international career and subsequently facilitate transnational guest performances throughout Europe.

EUROPEAN MUSIC TALENTS combines and assists European music organizations to foster young artists, informs about their activities and promotes transnational collaborations concerning audience development.