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View Full Version : Escort Reports. Anyone remember Tess? She was a thicker blonde who worked out of Hyde Park and Norwood probably 10 years ago. Used to see her weekly but then she went away. Wondering if anyone knows if she is still around anywhere. Haven't seen an ad in years though.

Has anyone been to GF Boston in the past few days? I notice the site has changed a little bit and they changed address. The person taking appointments doesn't sound like their usual person.

Anyone seen them recently? I just texted them to see who was available and they asked for my screening info. Told them I have seen many of their girls. They told me management changed and would need to be screened again if I have not been there. Told them I have been seeing their girls for a while. Then they said they checked and asked my name, then said I was OK. I don't know what is going on there but that makes me nervous. Wanted to go see someone but don't know until I know it is safe. I've been interested in her big tits for awhile.

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Easy enough to find her personal info and see her record though so I stay away. A shame. May be her best feature. Yeah I forgot to mention that. I wanted to play with them and she said one of them needs to be reset, whatever the fuck that means.

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I don't know if its an act, but she seems like she has mental problems. Keeps repeating herself and just too much traffic for my tastes. That being said, she's decent value with all three holes open. To each their own.

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Don't know her name phone is: XXX I have searched on here but did not find anything, maybe she is talked about on here but I could not find it. Does anyone know anything about this girl? Have talked with her but am not sure. She has her own apartment. Always see her on STG. Is she worth to see? Thanks guys. I paid that for the best provider in orlando a couple of years ago farrah she retired and was the best I have ever seen.

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That's more the issue than anything else really. There are a lot of quality girls in Mass, but rates here are higher than most parts of the country.

What you would pay for good quality in other locations you won't find much of here. Stay safe, and happy hunting. But assuming the pics are real the tits and ass on this look superb.

Has anyone seen her? Same thing here. It seems odd, that they'd lose all of that info, even if the management changed. I don't think I'll return until I know what's up.

The ad I originally pasted from Skipthegames was from just last week. She also said she's only around on Wednesdays and weekends I saw her last Friday. Have fun! There is another Violet posting today. Different and pics, but there are some similarities to the Violet you responded to.

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I take it you mean this Tess Tess. I have not idea of her whereabouts, hope she is doing well. Nothing really interesting except for this place. A couple weeks back I decided to give them a call.

I basic two call system, I told the female on the other end I wanted to go to Lexington and she sent me a generic text with the rates and the address. I arrive on scene, which was off the highway but next to a family friendly restaurant that was a little busy, and drove around a couple of times to sooth my nerves.

I called her to tell her I was there and she told me the room which was upstairs. Upon entering I am greeted by a late 30 ish, early 40's Asian woman in lingerie wearing a lot of make-up, but nonetheless very pretty.

I greet her, place the donation on the desk and go clean myself up in the bathroom. Once back in the room I notice she's watching something on the tv and I just relax on the bed and make some small talk.

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She starts to massage me over my clothes and tries to feel me out. I undress, ask for a playful massage and she gleefully does so. So the massage was not particularly talented, but she was enthusiastic and loved to tease the boys.

She talked and made comments about my body in a positive way and undressed herself, running her breasts along my backside as well as tickling my sides.

After the playtime was over I decided to flip to take a better look at her body. She had good D cups, probably enhanced, was thin, a good amount of tattoos I didn't mind thema small ass, and long black hair. Good enough for me. She continued to smile and proceeded to be playful all around my erogenous zones until she got to the main piece. Kudos to whoever taught her that. She took to instruction well as she kissed the boys and almost went further south.

No rim time with this one I think. Still playful as ever she puts on the cover and hops on. Riding to my pace as well as grabbing the back of my head and bringing her forehead to mine. We shared some closed mouth kisses, I didn't look for anything more than that.

Switched to reverse so I could see her back tattoo and eventually finished doggy. Her energy stayed consistent and the playfulness never dampened, which I enjoyed. She helped me clean up in the shower and wondered if I was going to go for another go, but I know my body. I asked for a shoulder rub until my time was up.

Overall I enjoyed our time together. Haven't been back because I've been traveling, will be in Connecticut until November. Anyway, stay safe. I believed she goes by name Ashley near Milton, you have to look at her both arms, there are nasty wounds, I would stay far away?

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Please PM or provide report if anyone has visited her. Been thinking about taking a plunge. Called over to BI when I saw the pics of the new girl, Alexis, come up on their site. Easy set up at a nice suburban hotel with a beautiful, highly educated young lady. Had a great time and will repeat.