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Morocco, a Northern African country with amazing Beaches, holiday resorts, bustling nightlife and beautiful Arab girls. Morocco is actually located in Africa but people adopt the Arab culture.

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My partner is staying at Le Meridien Hotel and says it is rife with morrocan prostitutes. They even knocked on his room door he was in bed and didn't answer but they kept on knocking.

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He got out of bed to see who it was and the escort and her Pimp scurried down the hall thanks to the cleaner turning up. This same girl had to be rescued later on thanks to a Saudi guy beating her savagely. I cannot believe this goes on in a hotel such as Le Meridian, or any hotel chain with a good reputation. How is it possible for hotel reception concierge and bar staff to turn a blind eye? We've been to many many counties and stayed in lots of hotels and I can honestly say I have never heard anything like it. My partner also had his trainers stolen at the airport from his suitcase which was taken off the conveyer marrakech when he arrived at the baggage claim.

I told him can't believe all of this is happening to him after reading all these posts on TA saying what a wonderful place it is? Did your partner report the alleged incident to the hotel management? Or the police? Hotels have been closed down for less.

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Or is this yet another case of lob a grenade and run? Only positive views on Morocco permitted? Tell your partner to complain directly to the hotel manager tell the manager that if it happens again, then he escort complain to the police. If this true, then please do report it to the concerned hotel plus its main HQ so they are aware of it too, and can follow up in Morocco. How utterly ridicules to imply that I have made this story up?

How marrakech would this benefit me? Get a grip of yourselves This incident has been reported to hotel management and security who were the ones that rescued the girl after a colleague raised the alarm, so don't be so presumptious in thinking I have 'thrown a grandad and run'.

This hotel has prostitutes sitting in the bar and public areas, that is one thing, but knocking on guest doors is quite another and travellers staying at this hotel or any other hotel in Marrakech should be made aware of this so they know to be cautious when opening their doors at night. It is completely absurd that you cannot make a negative statement about Marrakech without being ridiculed!

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You really need to get a grip because Marrakech is not all sunshine and lollipops I'm afraid! Travellers need to know what is going on before visiting this place, you cannot expect travellers to turn up totally nieve and thinking this is the best place on earth.

It is not, it is a 3rd world city with scammers and prostitutes around every corner and even people going to the toilet in the street. I am going there myself tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to seeing and experiencing this crazy place for myself, all of this is part of the attraction, this is the way of life in Marrakech and if I wanted sunshine and lollipops id have gone to the Maldieves!!

You write about people going to the toilet in the street, yet you haven't even visited Morocco yet?

Better to keep your counsel until you have some real world experience. Well said paulyandnelly. It seems any negative view about Morocco quickly brings out the 'rose-tinted glasses' brigade. Predictive text on my phone keeps changing my words unfortunately. But if there is ever such a thing as spell police I will let you know.

As stated in my original post, my partner is there now, I never claimed this happened to me or that I saw it first hand, but my partner is not a lier. I have just searched the word 'prostitutes' on this forum and surprise surprise, it has came up with several posts stating the same thing!!!

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Prostitutes working the guest room floors Obviously common place in the wonderful Marrakech who would have though it? Not you clearly As for world experience, I've been on nearly every continent in the world and travelled to many countries, I have plenty of world experience!

Have you? Maybe you should give other contributors the common decency of allowing them to have their say without shooting them down or ridiculing them?

Just a thought Have a wander down to Grand Hotel Tazi and you'll spot working girls galore. Ditto some of the discos. Prostitutes knocking on doors in hotel Browse all 17, Marrakech topics ยป.

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