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Monica Jones is an American sex work activist. One day after speaking at a protest against a Phoenix law which allows police to arrest anyone suspected of "manifesting prostitution", Jones accepted a ride home after visiting a bar. The undercover police officer driving the car arrested her under the law that she had been protesting.

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In Thailand, a new generation of under-aged prostitutes highlights one of the negative effects of raunch culture and highlights the need for new and innovative approaches to combating prostitution and human trafficking.

Underage prostitution is dangerous for many reasons including, risk of sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy which can often lead to abortion and drug addiction. Although studies across the world vary, in Thailand it can be argued that there are 4 key factors that determine the likelihood of becoming a prostitute. Socio-economic status 2. Family relations and support networks 3. Law enforcement.

Research indicates that if Other suggestions include an increased penalty for serious offenders and enforced government registration of prostitutes. Other issues Child prostitution has become a cultural issue in Thailand with the region being recognised internationally for prostitution and trafficking. Punishing individuals and organisations associated with human trafficking is an important stepping stone in the prevention of children becoming prostitutes.

Creating a public document that details information about the of prostitutes and any relevant research on the possible methods of prevention. A budget for the management and prevention of child prostitution should be allocated.

A recent report details the actions that have been taken to address child prostitution. The report recommends increasing public services to support vulnerable girls and young women. Recommended services include preventative physical and emotional support and therapy, medical attention and care, and employment assistance.

More specifically: 1. Providing suitable education to children whose families are in poor status. Provide education for prostitutes to increase their employment opportunities in other areas.

Provide financial assistance for ex-prostitutes. Support the campaign of money circulation among female-based career. The following is the board campaign of public service for the protection of vulnerable girls and women: 1.

Provide education to communities that are at risk of developing a prostitution problem. Facilitate for the development of foundation for women at risk of human trafficking.

The role of the foundation should be to locate where human trafficking is taking place and provide a warning system. Form public service that will receive human traffic problem.

Provide psychological support for child prostitutes. Human trafficking has become increasingly complicated to locate. The authorities struggle to keep up with the fast paced movement of human trafficking gangs.

It is important for civil society to play a more important role in the prevention of prostitution and in raising awareness of human trafficking. The following points outline possible strategies and solutions: 1. Both public and private organisations need to combine forces to combat human trafficking.

Seek support from public and private organisations to help ex-prostitutes develop a career. Provide knowledge on how to prevent human trafficking to communities. In addition information on the legal ramifications for those found to be associated with human trafficking and prostitution should be provided.

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